Supplication in Nothingness.


There comes a time when a man realizes that nothing is truth and absolute except for God, the merciful. When there is no sky above the head, no earth beneath the feet, and no hands left to cradle. All alone, left to shambles, in a ruthless mare’s nest. With all the certainty, this time comes in every person’s life, but alas! when this realization strikes most people tend to run over it, dump it to unseen, so they can escape this blue truth of life. Intoxicated with the pleasures of this ephemeral world. 

In such a state of nothingness, on a dusty and weary shelf, I caught hold of an old book co-edited by my grandfather. Flying through the first few pages, I came across a supplication by Hazrat Mulla Moin Kashifi (R.a), which is often recited in mosques and Khanaqah’s of Kashmir. I knew a few lines but to recite it in its totality was a blessing. Specially, coming to know about its author and the fact that Hazrat Mulla Moin Kashifi (R.a) would recite it every day till his transcendence to the world of truth made it even more reverend.

Due to untimely and politically-orchestrated death of Persian in Kashmir, it’s shameful that we remember some of it, recite it, yet are totally blind to the meaning of this Manajaat. With my limited knowledge of Persian, I attempt to translate it..

Chu man pur jurm wa ‘isyaan nam,
Tui’ee Ghaffar yaa Allah,

Encumbered with sins I am,
Yet oh Allah, you are the Merciful.

Chu man baa ‘aib wa nuqsaanam
Tui’ee Sattar Yaa Allah,

Flawed and vanquished I am,
Yet oh Allah, You are the Concealer.

Ba khwab e masti o gaflat,
Ze sartapaa giriftaram,

In a deep slumber of misdeed,
Ambushed, head over heels I am,

Ba Zikr o taaate khud kun,
Mara beydaar Ya allah.

Wake me up to a realm of obedience,
and your remembrance, Oh Allah.

Chunaan kun az karam bar man,
bina’ tauba mustakham

Oh Allah, Bestow upon me
An eternal repentance,

Ke Khwaanam Har zabaan har lahza,
istaghfaar yaa Allah,

That in every dialect, every sigh,
I chant a rosary of forgiveness.

Chu jaure tirah-wa-tar wahshat
numaayad bar man mujrim

When in the darkness of grave,
my soul will trembles with fear,

Bashama’ maghfirat gardaan
pur az anwaar yaa Allah

Illuminate my grave,
with a candle of forgiveness, Oh Allah.

Chunaan kun az karam aasan ,
bahaq e Ahmad e Mursal

Bestow your mercy upon me,
For your love of Muhammad (PBUH),

Azaab -e- qabr chun gardad
mara dushwaar yaa Allah

Mercy that will ease,
the torment of grave, Oh Allah.

Moinudin aasera ki ,
mi naalad basad zaari,

Moinudin, A flawed devotee of you,
Screams with unabated tears,

Gunaham baksh wa imaan ra
Salamat daar ya Allah!

Forgive my sins,
And bestow a strong everlasting faith upon me.


(Manajat by Hazrat Mulla Moin Kashifi R.A)


9 thoughts on “Supplication in Nothingness.

  1. Its the Love of God which binds you to me..coz somehow I know you are close to Him..keep growing..keep writing..keep seeking..keep Loving..!!

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